Sunday, May 26, 2013

Aussie Curves - Green


After my attempt for the Aussie Curves - Pajamas week, I realised I was in dire need for some new pajamas - actually matching ones.  I also had to get it done before my school camp - which I go on, tomorrow at 5:30 am. I did all the cutting out and actually got the bottoms done last weekend, so I finished off the top today.


Easy sewing - I love it.  I made the pajama bottoms based off an old pair that had worn through. The top is my trusty t-shirt patten based off a one I bought from Big W - but I extended the sleeves.

I had bought the fabric years ago.  At the time I couldn't decide whether or not a 'actually' liked it - I mean brown and green? But the hearts! And so nice and comfy. Luckily I did buy a heap of it - just enough to squeeze in pants and long sleeve top anyway.

Ignore all cat hair.

I also managed to sew a kimono sleeved top out as well. This fabric was in a second hand lot that I won off Ebay.  It's a cotton blend so it was easy to sew and doesn't need a lot of ironing.

I was worried that it might look a little like hospital scrubs, but there is a little shaping and darts. It feels nice to wear; I might shorten the sleeves even further.


Top: mine
Jeans: Sara 
Boots: I love Billy - dark green!
Necklace: Bubble necklace from eBay.

The original pattern is from Vogue - pattern 1247. I've done some modifications like getting rid of all the gathering - no I don't need any more fabric around my boobs and shoulders, moved the darts, and removed a lot of the fiddly pieces.

One more...


  • Black t-shirts - my other black t-shirts are becoming mis-shapened
  • White t-shirts - because I don't have them - except for the spotted one
  • Take in all my jeggings - one more pair to go
  • Make a proper black skirt
  • Make a polka dotted black skirt
  • Make a gallaxy t-shirt and leggings
  • Make a few kimono sleeved tops - well one anyway


  1. Love the pjs! Aussie Curves homemade week is going to be easy for you!

  2. Thank you - my students loved them - plus they were warm.

    I wish jellyfish - because knowing me I'll say to myself, 'You should make something special for homemade week,' and then I'll get myself all worked up and it stuff it up royally.

  3. i admire anyone that can it.

  4. Great job lady! LOVE the green jeans outfit that top is perfection. And the pj's are such a win.

    1. I don't know about perfection but it will do! Thank you.