Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Iguana no Musume

Ok so I don't usually review dramas that I watch - but I have to say something about this one. Let me preface this review with the acronym "PMS" and the words "highly emotional"!

This drama is about a girl, Rika, who believes that she is an Iguana, as does her mum. In fact when the mother looks at her daughter all she sees is some freaky human sized Godzilla - as does Rika when she looks in the mirror. The rest of the world sees her as human.

So one of the little hiccups I had with this was the question - how does she do her hair and make-up in the morning if all she can see of herself is lizard skinned and bald?

The second issue I had was how accepting people were about the mother's borderline crazy-as-a-coconut actions.

The third happens later in the drama, when people found out that she is an iguana. They were 'okay' with it - as if it was fact. I would be rather shocked if my best-friend suddenly said "I'm really a cane toad" and would possibly, in the nicest way, suggest therapy.

However - aside from those three things - I loved this drama. It was kooky and melodramatic. Elton John provided the theme song. So many episodes had me big snotty tissue crying. People died, the ending was sort-of happy but you need to overlook the poorly transcribed sentence about her not loving her own daughter.

Overall - I put this own down as a must watch drama.

 Iguana no Musume
Reflection of Rika!

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