Thursday, July 31, 2008


Feel sorry for me - my hands and arms look like mince meat. I was in a cat fight last night, literally.

Last night, just as I was begining to snore, there was a cat fight. I sent C out to find out what was going on, partly because it's amusing to see how Chihiro reacts to other cats.

A few minutes later, C has not been able to find OUR cat, but we did find the laundry window,,, open. Carol had obviously opened it yesterday and Chihiro found it too.

So we go outside, and see Chihiro at the corner of the house with the cat next door. C follows them and picks her up on the other side of the road.

She was okay until she saw me - this is just my own private theory mind you - and takes a bite out of C. Somehow I have her, but I'm falling down and kind of land over her and it went down hill from there.

She came in after being tempted with food, and has been ignoring me since then. The feeling is somewhat mutual at the moment because my hands really hurt.

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