Monday, March 12, 2007

I stayed up and watched Anego last night, so I was super tired today. Monday is a great day for me though because I get heaps of ICT work done. Anyway - had a nana nap this afternoon - but I missed choir.

Gwen Stefani is coming to Brisbane - just not in the school holidays - like a week or so after it - Ugh... C says that I should save up and take a few rais days and go anyway. That would be awesome but I'm too scared to do that... I could probably stay with someone though which would cut down on costs.

I'm going to eat some steak tonight - we haven't eat red meat in a while - so I may be lacking iron but at least C won't get gout.

My finger nails are looking nice and artificial today - with white tips and glitter all over them. I was asked several times today if my nails were fake - :P

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