Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Old faces

Today was my TRS day, I spent it reading my... readings. I have started writing my context in ICT use, which maps out my history of ICT use personally and professionaly. Which got me thinking about bushmoo. I looked up jay ruddell on google and found this... is jay really a pilot? It does look like him:



Such a povo OP and he still manages to get a good job...

And can I just say that there are too many Pamela Colletts out there? Just look it up on Google... it makes me feel less like an individual. Yes the Pamela Collett clones will take over the world, we will hunt you down and... i don't have the imagination to finish that. Must get back to my ICT context.

EDIT::: C just gave me a link to a lego animation:::

And I found a link to Komala's blog - I used to visit her and Pamela ( a lot.

I got sick of seeing the URLs pushed over into the info section, hence the stars.

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