Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sew fantastic

I have been sewing like a demon this weekend, I have just finished a size 4 girl's outfit, it's sew cute...

Last night I hand sewed some of a jacket. I have already finished one jacket but it is a little too big for the dolls. I'll look at work tonight, but I have to sort some clothes, hang some clothes, wash some clothes today as well.

I figured out how we can have a shower without the pond forming. If we leave the plug in and then bucket the water to the sink, just like in water restrictions, to the sink we can have a dry room and no pongy damp towel smell.

So I ordered a Blythe, a Candy Carnival whom has bight blue hair - which was of course the deciding factor. I'm getting her from Robio, which is in Melbourne and she is already on her way to me. So happy! In the next few weeks I will get two new dolls, the Blythe which I will be calling Flairy Foss (due to my habbit of spoonerisms) and my Suigintou to finish off the Rozen Maiden dolls that I want to collect. Still thinking about the doll's house for the Rozen Maiden dolls. I'm pretty happy with my Pullip collection, there isn't really another one which I really want at the moment - just waiting for Lead to be released as I have already paid for him.

I worked out that I need about $800 to get Yder. So from now on the stall money is going towards him.

Okay, going to go and hang up some clothing and start another outfit.

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