Monday, June 11, 2007

Got it nailed

I love nail polish and nail art. I don't take photos of my nails very often though. The other night I won two nail polishes - but just as I was about to pay for them I realised that the ebay seller was selling heaps of good brand polish for about $2! 13 bottles later and I'm done.

I can only buy cheapo nail polish out here that peals off after a day and never dries (Can you belive that nail polish doesn't dry out here in what is usually a very hot dry place?) and whenever we are near a Price Attack or Big W I buy up on nail polish as well - but I always seem to buy the same colours like bronze. So I bought a variety of colours as well as some normal ones. I even got a glitter....

Glitter nail polish is the handiest nail polish to buy because if you make a mistake or you mark the polish just before it dries, just go over it in glitter because it will hide it. I have 3 different types of glitter polish but am always on the hunt for more.

I was looking into doing the nail technicial cert III - because I can do most of it (theory) via correspondence and then do a few weeks at the actual school for the practical. I could possibly do it next year because I will have long service due. It wouldn't be very helpful out here in Winton because two other people do nails, including a friend of mine, so I wouldn't want to start more competition - but I don't plan on living in Winton all my life.

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