Friday, June 01, 2007


I just played some squash, it's been a long time since I played much squash but I'm going to be playing this season's fixtures. Today was just to work out what grade I will be playing, they put me against Rusco and he said that we were evenly matched. I don't know what level he is on though but he likes to hit really fast so if I have to play him again I'm just going to keep the ball slow and just make him run. I think I will be on the bottom rung - my serve wasn't as good and I couldn't hit open face full shots - but everything else was okay - just have to practise those things again.

I got my first item back from Monika for the ICT course that I am doing - 2000 words later - but Monika didn't write an evaluation form because there was nothing she felt she could say to improve it. YEAH!

Another great this is that our school won two awards for our education in the early years and middle phase. Which is pretty fantastic, I'm obviously excited about the middle phase since that is where I have been working.

abc news item about it

Even more great news for school is that we have also won a grant to purchase 20 new computers!

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