Friday, November 09, 2007

2nd hand goodness

This week - inspired to make doll clothing - I bought as good as new clothing off evilbay.
- A gray top with sculls and starts printed on it
- A gray top with red apples printed on it
- A red top
- A pink top with gold print on it
I'm still looking for masculine stuff though, it's so hard unless you go the camo look.

I was also looking at this Kyle but C has banned me from buying it. I would love to with my tax return, although I don't like the colour of his eyes.

Today one of my students brought in a b'day cake for me - after a serious of mishaps that meant she couldn't bring one in earlier in the week. She only has 2 weeks of school and I have taught her for 5 years now, I'll be crying when she leaves.

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