Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sad in the head

I'm sitting here - tired and sleepy (double synonyms - must find the technical word for that again) but I can't go to bed because I am downloading the last file of Waterboys again - because we found out just towards the end of actually watching it - that the last file was not whole. This usually wound't present a problemt - I would jsut let it go, leave my system on and sleep the night away. Tonight I can't because there is a planned power outage in the wee hours that might scumm up my computer - and also will shut down the servers at school. If I had none about the outages I would have turned the server off over night because our UPS that I purchased for the school servers haven't arrived yet :(

I'm a little zocked because it has been all work around here lately - I haven't been able to get to the post office for days so Lisa's present won't even get to her by the end of the week even if I post it tommorrow - which I doubt I will be able to... Instead Tomorrow she well get a phone call and a promise to send her pressy asap. This makes me feel crumby as I have had her present ready to go since the holidays.

Oh shit - my download just finished - Yes! Time to sleeppppppppp............. z Z z

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