Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aussie Curves - Dark

Although I wear a lot of dark - this week seems like I have had no opportunity.  So busy... so hot... 42'C is not fun weather to wear dark. I've been moving furniture into my new office, running after kids, dancing and dancing, walking down to the shire hall two days in a row for practises...

Tonight our school can take a deep breath - a first in over a few weeks - because we are now on the down hill slide until HOLIDAYS!!!

We had recital night tonight and my class of year 7 and 8 students got up and performed to Tyler Swift, Cher whatsherface and Gangnam Style. We had a few compliments after they were finished and I am so proud of them. Next week we are going to have a sleepover at school,,, so we'll see if this pride will last that long :-P

Next up, Friday's Christmas Fete for which my husband is baking cakes for as we speak. Saturday, Staff Christmas break-up. Sunday, Carols by Candlelight in which I will be performing with three other music/al teachers. So a few more chances to dress up!

Skirt - Rockmans - years ago

Top - Suzanne Grae - even longer ago

Necklace - gift from mother-in-law

Shoes - Tulula Valu - I love the name Talula!  
Tulula not so much - I didn't even know that until I just googled it!!!

 So yes, let's agree that I'm not all that keen about the photos still. 
At least you can see the bun of gargantuan proportions.

Laser beams on stun!!!

I wish I could have tucked the top in - but the zipper doesn't do up. Shhh!

Oh yeah, while my hair is up and my glasses are on... 'sexy librarian look' LOL!


  1. Haha. Love the photo with the lazer beams eyeballs and the skirt not zipping up. LOVE it. Love those shoes.

  2. That cat if freaking me out! However you look awesome. Seriously drooling over your skirt and shoes. Stunning.

  3. Squish is a freak of a cat! I bought 8 pairs of those shoes in different colours - really comfortable - and I'm so glad I did because I can't find them anymore.

  4. I love how your cat's like, "I'm taking over the frame, bitch. IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!"

    I love turquoise so you totally get two thumbs up from me! Brilliant! :)

  5. Don't forget safety pins fix most zipper issues! cute skirt!