Saturday, December 01, 2012


As you know as per my previous post of Black Milk - I lust after their stuff - especially their galaxy leggings. Which would never fit me.

I saw these this week on Domino Doll:

Click on the pics to open the links.

I don't know how I feel about this. They are called Galaxy Leggings as well. Part of me goes - oh yeah - leggings that might actually fit me, but then I think,,, hold on,,, poor Black Milk has been copied. Then I remembered that I wanted to copy them as well.  Anyhows enough of that seriousness.

I did another search for fabric that would work and wow!!!

It's the same fabric!!!

Which led me back to look at the baby doll dress Domino Doll has in the same print, which I love, but which I won't wear because of the long sleeves being too hot and the fact that it wouldn't fit well anyway. I showed the husband and he was like 'You should buy the fabric and make it'. So I took his word for gospel and bought the fabric as well as this awesome print...

When I was younger I loved splatter prints. I still do, so I'm glad they've made a bit of a comeback.

All up the cost of the galaxy fabric including postage would have cost me the same for both items, but I can make sure that they will fit me, and I hopefully would have a little left over for maybe a top.  But as we know, sewing isn't about saving money sometimes, most of the time it's about being able to say, 'Thanks, I made it' and blow people's minds.

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