Friday, May 01, 2015

Things no one tells you about being pregnant

There are a few of these kind of post about, but I thought that I would share some of my thoughts about this whole 'things no one tells you' that I haven't seen very often.

I got them.  It was as if I had my period but at least I wasn't bleeding.  Instead you are paranoid that your having an ectopic pregnancy and then later on as you get along a few months you think that you are miscarriaging but really everything is stretching.  Then later you get these things called Boson Higgs or something... Braxton hicks.

Pelvic pain
At the 30 week mark or so I started to feel like someone punched me in my vagina - and now it feels bruised big time. Side note: For some reason men don't realise that being kicked in the genetics is painful for women too. This is what I'm going through now.  It's apparently because your ligaments are all stetchy getting ready for birth.

Dislocated jaw
As with the pelvis pain, my jaw is also looser, and so yawning in the morning has popped out my jaw twice this week alone!  This might not be an issue for you, but since I already have an issue with this... Chewing is awful, talking is mildly painful.  

Baby movement
That ninja can really kick.  Like I have jumped at sudden hard kicks, and apparently it gets worse and can be painful.  Plus if you have watched a certain Ridly Scott movie, watching it is kind of freakygh.....  The other thing is that when you actually want the movement, for example you would like your husband to feel it, the baby will not move.  Until the said husband gives up, and then it will move, but only up until husband tries again...  It's not like the movies.

Itchy boobs
Man they get itchy.  

Other things worth noting but are often talked about include pins and needles in hands, legs that seem to want to jump around, needing an endless supply of Quick Eze, crying, urine smelling weird, your glasses stop working because your eyes change shape.

This little dude has put me through a lot already, guess it's just the warm up for the rest of my life though...

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