Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gelicious - Devine Vines Skittles

Of course I ordered the new Gelicious colours; Devine Vines and Surfing in Straddie.

For ages now I haven't done anything exciting with my mani, just the straight colour. My faux daughter had some nice gel nails done recently in black, silver and grey skittles and I thought I would give it a go using my Gelicious colours.  I mean I have enough of them to make it work.

I went with Devine Vines (dark green) for the main colour.  My middle fingers got Pastachio Parfait (light green). My index fingers got Sympathy Hook Up (grey) as a base colour and After Glow (silver) over that.


File edges and then clean off nails using Isocol.

Start with your worst side.  I paint my right hand first because when I first start out I am more patient, and by the time I'm onto my left hand I start to rush and and need the skill of my writing (right) hand.

Paint one coat of Gelicious Peel-off Gel Base and Top Coat.  Set for 30 seconds.  I paint my thumb seperately after I have finished with the rest.

Paint one coat of each colour on your fingers. 

My nails are now ready to go in the 'oven' to bake. These are all the 30 sec formula.

Repeat this again for each nail.  I find that two coats usually does the trick.  No one ever looks that closely to my nails to check if they are totally perfect and opaque.

I give my index finger one nice coat of After Glow.  I find that the grey underneath really helps with colour otherwise I need three or more coats.

Cook that single nail.

Taking photos of the light...

Put a top coat of the Peel-off Gel and set.

Clean off tacky residue with Isocol.  

Repeat for other hands.

Repeat for each thumb using Divine Vines.  I do them each seperately because I often find that I scrape the polish while I concentrating on my finger nails, or if I'm swapping from one thumb to the other.  It only takes about 10
Minutes more overall and you get a better stress free result.  Plus my light doesn't fit all my hand in there - flat.

I hope you like it!

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