Monday, September 08, 2014

Kikki K - long overdue - haul

In case you haven't noticed, I love a bit of stationary.  Kikki K is a definite weakness.

I made two videos for this post - but apparently the universe doesn't want me to show anyone a flick threw of my new Kikki K Time Planner and Personal Planners.  It took me two days of rangling itunes and imovie and youtube and then when I finally got one uploaded it looked terrible!

I'm adding it here but let me warn you - it's pretty bad - I have no idea why it looks good on my ipad and iphone but so bad on youtube and frankly I don't care anymore.


I did take some side by side photos of both planners.  The Time Planner is on bottom in the photos.

My opinion:

I actually prefer the Time Planner because the diary and calendar section are dated. There are lot of note type paper in the Personal Planner that I just don't think I will use.

The set out of the actual planners are the pretty much the same - same pockets etc.  However, the black printed fabric lets the Personal Planner down, I would rather the leather. However I like the gold patten on the outside of the Time Planner rather then just the plain.

I'm not fussy either way about the elastic (Time Planner) or snap (Personal Planner) fastening - the elastic on my current Time Planner looks grubby though.

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