Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm Back

So I went to Brisbane this week. I flew down on Monday and came back today - for a half day course on copyright. In May (?) our school has to audit our use of digital material - so Education Queensland can find out who owns copyright and who gets paid for their stuff.

So anyway - I went into Borders after the conference and bought a few magazines, some yaoi, a few language books. It frustrates me that they have so many manga titles but there are holes in their volumes - usually in the first few volumes! So I didn't buy love com because they had random ones. I'll just save up and buy online later.

I also went to the Andy Warhol gallery. It was great - picked up a few postcards and some magnets.

Our front yard looks like we are preparing for war - trenches. They found out the issue that we had with the bath was caused by tree roots. So at least the bath now drains - but they need to come in and fix up the plaster etc too.

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