Sunday, February 10, 2008

Story Books and Fairy Tales

I love them. I only have a few of them from my childhood (what? I still am a child) but the ones I kept a fantastically illustrated. This evening I was searching for illustrators so my search led me to:

Kay Nielsen whose work is just beautiful - I would like to have a few of his prints

And then a search of papercut led me to this webpage which I know I have visited before and loved: Ullabenulla

Which led me to this great book Storybook Style which features homes in the style of storybook homes. I think living in a sotrybook home would be so much fun - I would love a turret.

One of Dad's friend made himself a castle - but his new wife didn't like it much so now it is more French storybook style. It is so cool.

I have been thinking that I would love to own a fairytale store for a long time - I would like to call it The Crystal Cauldron. It would have all sorts of lovely things like artwork, crystals, classes and cups, lace and books. I keep a list of things whenever I think of something new.

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