Thursday, February 07, 2008


I'm tempted to buy another 2nd hand doll - but I won't just yet because I want to make some stuff for the ones I have already. I'm planning on selling some clothes using an Easter theme (pastels and stuff) - maybe I can use any money made for another doll.

I'm pretty tired still - I don't know why.

I bought a book about learning different languages - the author is Australian and he has a nice writing style. I haven't finished reading it yet - but what he says is interesting and I could see that it would work.

What really caught my eye was that when he was growing up he thought that learning another language would be cool because he liked to write in codes - so if he could speak another language it would be like speaking in a secret code. Can you see me nodding: yep, yep, that's me too!

C spent last night working on uni - when I looked over his shoulder I was pretty horrified at the maths. Run away! Maths is not a secret code that I want to learn.

Laptop update - if I wait until after July 1st - there is a Government 50% rebate for things bought for educational purposes - which will include laptops!!!

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