Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Feeling good

Had a pretty great day today - make me wonder what's going to happen tomorrow though :(

I'll just copy and paste my ATP reply to the 'happy happy' post thread:

My good things - well I have heaps today!

- I'm getting over my cold

- My first lesson today was English with my lovely seniors, they had to stand up and talk about their hero and one of them chose me!!! So cute - "My hero is Ms Collett because she can cook really well and sew nice things. She makes difficult things easy for us to understand. She's nice and friendly..." She did pretty well for impromptu speaking - but a lot of 'things'

-My second lesson was English with my nasty Year 8 and 9s. But they worked so well on their short stories - not a single behaviour management issue

-My third lesson was Creative Arts with the seniors and we sat around a big table, chatted and folded paper for their projects

-For my middle lessons I had a cooking prac, the girls made pastry for a flan

-and lastly I had my Snr Home Ec class and I worked individually with each of them to make sure they were meeting the assignment requirements. And before we left for the day, they wrote Home Ec Rocks! on the window with my liquid chalk.

-My last happy thing was finding smoked salmon at our supermarket - it's a rare thing to find out here,,, so I bought 4 packets.

So overall - a very nice day.

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