Thursday, February 07, 2013

So Sleepy

Growing up I was an insomniac. 

I had trouble falling asleep. I would watch the flotsam float across the room and I would imagine stories. I would strip my bed and make up fantastic dresses. When I learnt how to read - I read.

I would walk up way too early. We used to have our milk delivered in the wee hours, and I would often go out and talk to the milkman - he would give me a small carton of milk to drink. I was always awake before the roosters in town crowed. I was always awake to watch the ABC signal pattern turn into a picture of a creek with music, which then turned into cartoons.

It got way too much when I turned into a teenager - I really couldn't take it anymore. I read up about insomnia and started trialing different things. 

It worked.

So how I feel right now is nothing to how I used to feel, but I am tired. 

What started this is all was that someone made the comment a little while ago that I went to bed too late. I try to get in bed by 11. I wake up a 6:20ish. I didn't think that was too bad - the magic 8 hours sleep is a myth.

But for the last two nights I decided I would try to get to bed earlier.  I did some yoga and went to bed early. The night before last I was in bed by 10, last night was 9:30.  On both occasions I woke up more tired that I usually am and pressed snooze twice.

It's only 4:30pm and I'm already sleepy.  It's too early to tell but I think I'm getting too much sleep.  It's like a drug - I want more.  Since being diagnosed with depression I have been really careful about napping (not that I really did it) which plays havoc with sleep patterns, and this is so making me want to have a nap, and it's playing havoc with my sleep patterns

Maybe I should stop this trial and just accept the fact that I go to bed later then most of my friends!

Just to finish off:
The yoga certainly helps.

 Tired of feeling tired

Except about having too much sleep


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