Saturday, November 30, 2013

Staff party done and dusted

As social club co-ordinator this year I organised the staff party - with a bit of help from others - I'm not claiming all the credit.

As well organising meat and bread and all the other stuff you do, I made a trifle.

It was a bit of a friendly casual night with some games with Christmas print toilet paper rolls for prizes, some fun awards and going away presents.

I decided that I would curl my hair - it took an hour - this is why I normally go with a bun for spech occayjuns. Auto correct is really having trouble with that - dam that occa accent.

My photos were all taken after the fact - so my hair isn't as full on as it was at 6pm.  I went totally Texan with big hair.  C told me my hair looked like a cyclone,  hmmmm.

Dress - Leona Edmiston - it looks a little retro

Cami - target

Shoes - Tulula Valu

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