Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wardrobe Challenge 1 - Define your style

After being pregnant and not being able to fit into anything except for some leggings, maternity jeans and a few tops, I am really craving having my wardrobe back.

But I'm going to going back to my clothes with a little bit more organisation.

I've roughly followed the philosophy of "Color Me Beautiful".  I remember being a pre-teen and going to a session with my mum. The lady talked about colours and held up fabric pieces and loaned my mum the book. In university I found a copy of the book at the second hand store - called "Gillians" in Brisbane - loved that shop. Here it is on Amazon.

So you will see a lot of the same colours in my wardrobe, as well as clothing silhouettes - although I don't always follow the 'flattering' suggestions.

I'm going to follow "The Six Pillars of Wardrobe Building, which is here. Not for any other reasons, but it was linked to last year by someone in the Australian Curves group and I remembered it.

The first step is "Define Your Style" which includes a palette. I'm copying Gillian from "Crafting a Rainbow" for this.


Behold the amazing colours of my life... I just picked colours I like and have in my wardrobe already. So many colours - oh well... 

Next up, I have to develop a signature look...

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