Saturday, June 09, 2012

Show Time!

Well the show is in town this weekend which means show rides, dagwood dogs and fairy floss.  I'm totally going to blob out!!! I also have report cards to write -_-

So this week I did the same-ish thing as last week. Two nights of zumba, I did the Sparkpeople kickboxing video.  I skipped Wednesday's workout because I'm thinking of changing Wednesday to my rest day, and I also didn't workout Friday because I had a athletics carnival ALL day to attend.

But anyhoo,,, this morning I decided I really need to find something that I can do in my pajamas...

I found this easy video on YouTube and 'thought that's a goer!' It's a nice warm up and I did it my PJs this morning - I then did my weight ball exercises and push ups. I'm only just getting through the 10 reps I have set myself for each exercise but I'm getting better.

I also saw this, just had to watch. Despicable Me is one of my favourite movies. I had an 'I Love Evil' cup that I bought for my own Xmas present; I took it to school and used twice before someone stole it. Rat bastards.

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