Friday, July 27, 2012


It was a funny week this week. I was meant to do the previous week's plan again.

I ended up getting all sorts of sickness,,, I won't gross you out. At the moment my voice is threatening to die on me.

So although my weekend was great exercise wise, I missed a Zumba class and did only 2 other workout with weights. Shocking.

But I had a funny moment today. In art class we started on our paper mache masks. I had opened up a new 5 litre bottle of glue to use and was pouring the glue into their bowls.  During the lesson some groups ran out of glue so I told them to help themselves to it.  Not one of them could lift up the bottle to pour it properly. I had one boy ask me how I could be so strong.  They are so sweet!

I'm not looking forward to photo time this weekend.

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