Saturday, July 14, 2012

Radio Silence

Sorry - let me catch you up.

I've traveled up and down the state during my holiday. The first hotel I stayed in barely had room to swing a cat so no exercise. Then I was at my parents so I got in a workout a day. Then I stayed in a unit so I did a few more workouts. I finally ended up in a tent and didn't get any conscious exercise done. I did walk buttloads during the holidays, I also ate everything!!!

So in all I put on a few kg - but I had a great time.

Back at work now, thrown back into it, I did manage to go to 1 Zumba class and do 1 Tiffany Roth workout.

However the other things I achieved when I was away:
  • new yoga pants (x4) I looked everywhere and only found them in Big W.  I was seriously pissed off that exercise stores don't cater for larger sizes. Do they not think that if they did, and pluz sized girls bought their workout gear, who then worked out and lost wieght and thus need more, but smaller, workout gear that they wouldn't get repeat business??? Fuck it - Big W I love you.
  • new dumbbells (x2)
  • new exercise bras (x4) at 15% off
  • seat cover for the bike (x1)
  • I looked for a foam roller - hell they were expensive so I didn't get one (x0).  I'm going to look online.
So my plan today is to set up my exercise bike and go for a ride and think about what the plan is going to be for the rest of the week.

Also, while everyone else is doing it on pinterest I may as well give it a go too - the Weight Loss Simulator

This is me (sort of) at the moment - and this is me (sort of) at 80kg.

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