Thursday, October 04, 2012

Leopard Patchwork High-low Sleeveless Pink Blouse

Yesterday I spent sewing and adjusting a pattern so that it fits me perfectly - I think I'm done. But after that my husband and I made a duct tape dressmakers dummy of my body. Bler! It took just under and hour of being wrapped up tightly in plastic - I was so hot and sweaty by the end but the dress form after I was cut out is pretty amazing. I have almost finished stuffing it and boy it is scary.

Anyhoo  check this out...

Leopard Patchwork High-low Sleeveless Pink Blouse. 

This is like a heap of current fads all meshed in together to make one item of clothing. I love it.

We have
  • animal print
  • salmon pink
  • high-low hem
  • useless pocket
  • colour blocking
  • shoulder pads
Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah - it only came in one size apparently - miniscule - way to go there!  I am so making my own.

Although I already own some leopard print chiffon I would want to make the back out of something opaque - Joelle has some fun looking nylon lycra and the pink fabric too.

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