Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 26

Let's pretend week 27 didn't happen.  It did, but I was accidentally working out of week 28 until the Friday when I finally realised why I had been getting my dates mixed up!

So anyway - I rewrote the events onto the proper dates and didn't bother to go back and decorate.

This week was all about sweet things.  I organised an Icecream sundae treat for our school, and I also had a birthday party to go to.

When I open up my organiser I see this - I punched holes in the invitation and have just added the Instax of the birthday girl.

I used washi tape and stickers from a haul that I will post more about later.  Be on the look out for my free give away!

Have I shown you my Fifi Lapin addition?

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