Saturday, June 21, 2014


I love to write, and like heaps of other creative types there is a story going on in my head, sometimes several!

I've always wanted to write a novel, and like heaps of creative types just haven't got there.

I don't want to go around telling everyone that I'm writing a book - that's pretentious.

One of my friends feels the same way so we made a pack - a writer's pack.

We are using 'The 90-Day Novel' by Allan Watt to give us some structure.

Just having that structure and being able to check in with each other has meant the last 30 or so days have gone by so quickly.

But now for the real reason why I am posting...

Tadaa! My writing-o-fax!

Look even my manicure matches!

So now onto my set up.

On the left is some stickers and sticky notes that I use.

On the right is a postcard from my Mother-in-law from France, inspirational because she's seventy and made her dream come true.  There is also an Instax of me pretending to do the author's pose.

Left - Instax of my writing and stationary with a note; I am a writer.

Right - the four rules I am (trying) following.

Two page monthly spread - keeping track of my writing.  I'm now also keeping score of my daily word count.  This is from Filofaxy I think.

Daily writing activities.

This section is where I keep track of my plot.

Quotes! Keeping me inspired.

I have a section for research notes.

The last section, which I didn't photograph, are for my characters' profiles.  I'm still working on those.

So there you go, the last thing I haven't said was that it is a Calipso in deep pink.

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