Sunday, November 19, 2006

Graduation Dinner

Okay - here are some photos of the Senior Dinner that I organised on the 16th (Thursday night). It went really well except for the food fight - I could have killed them and their parents :(

Shrinking the photos by percentages make them blurry - so just click on them to see a bigger one on my flickr account.

Their graduation cake that Barb made:
senior dinner cake

Cutting the cake - although blurry I really like this photo - it has emotion.
senior dinner cutting

The presents that I made the students. Autograph books with the first letter of their name on the front. Everyone liked them and they were so much better then a autograph bear -TACKY!!!
senior dinner present

The room was decourated in pink, black and silver. Parent were a little shocked at the colour combination even more so when I told them that the students had chosen it, and that a boy had suggested it. People in Winton are so behind the times.
senior dinner tables

And talking about being behind the times - it's like they have never heard of nail polish this is not pink. Therefore my nails do get a bit of attention:

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