Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wedding Dress Blues

Okay here we go with some photos of the wedding dress top practise run:


The back is a complete mess and is making me angry... RAR!!!!

BELOW are the posts from my old webpage to catch up:


So excited because today my Pullip dolls came! Gonna take photos on the weekend.


I love my mum. Infact I sometimes find it surprising that we have similar tastes. Mum happens to love things vintage while I like things retro - and yes there is a distinct difference between those two categories - but not much of a difference. We like to collect things from both of those categories though - Mum has started an egg cup collection - so I have just found some egg cups to give her, on ebay of course. We both like kitchen objects.
EDIT - no sorry - I missed out on the auction :(


I am now pretty broke today. With a lot of spendature lately - buying furniture, getting teeth done, buying new clothes - I have finally broke down and bought myself a Pullip doll. I have wanted one for three years now, I would rather a Pullip then a Blythe which I find a little scary. The positive of a Pullip is that they supposibly fit Jenny clothing - which is good because I have a Jenny - but I also have Licca with fit Blythe so that reasoning is a little usless.

Anyway - I found an ebay store that sells them nude - I always seem to buy my dolls nude - much cheaper and more creative that way. The two dolls that I was watching however were bought - so last night I went looking and found a Rida (I think a very regal looking doll much like the first Pullip I wanted - Nero). But because it was so cheap I kept looking about and found a BOY! A boy Pullip has been a secret fasination of mine...

So anyway I figure I saved myself $30 US for both Rida and Timulus - $60 in total. It's a pitty though that I couldn't get MJ namu because he is really Rida's boyfriend. Oh well - they are having and affair.

Timulus Taeyang

This is the one Pullip I would buy dressed:
Shinku Rozen Maiden


Yesterday we went to Longreach to get Chihiro's belly shaved. She is already hot and it's not Summer yet! The vet drugged her too much and so on the way home I actually thought she had died.

She was vomiting and still not well when I went to bed at 10:30, but she is okay today.

cool kitchen

Awesome nails

911 doco


Dad has been getting in a building stuff and moving furniture. We bought two bookcases and a tv thing so we have gotten all of that set up now. But Dad has his sights set on my sewing room. It is still an unorganised mess - so tomorrow we are going to Longreach and buying a pantry and other furniture to help me store everying away.

Can I say that I want a strangeco toy?
Can I sat that I still want a ddung doll?
Can I say that I still want a mimo doll?
Can I say that I still want a pulip doll?

No I don't know what some of the links are below because I have been collecting again.

FLICKR nice soft photos photos of pocky and toys vinyl toys

Dollhouse minis rainyblues! - recycle dollhouse!!!

links to cool things


So I just got back from Townsville. I had a week up there with C and D, and then my parents from wednesday. Mum and Dad will be staying with us in Winton, so they can check out the new house.

I got a lot of wedding stuff done. I went to a wedding dress shop and was put off by their bitchiness - but I only wanted to try on a veil and they looked pretty ugly anyway. No veil for the wedding.

But I got in a fair bit of shopping, ate out a lot and went to the dentist twice. So now I am quite broke :P


You know what? I have been under a lot of stress the last few days. Most of this was my own fault mind you. Who would have thought that applying for HOC would be so much work? Or that I would have to do the ICT survey at the same time?

Tomorrow I will be teacher in charge for the first time in years - hmm not a pretty thing at all.

I have still yet to order bread buns from the bakery - or put a notice in the newsletter about selling hot dogs for a catering assignment.


The things that I have been fascintated with lately are:

Asain dramas - I get them from daddicts or silent regrets. I was really bummed a few weeks ago because silent regrets closed down for a while - but it was just to update their look.

Nail art - after watching asian dramas and video clips of Koda Kumi I really wanted to look into this nail art thing. I think I had already mentioned on the old site that I was buying nail polish for a 'manicure store' at the fete - but this is one step up. I'll get a picture of my current nails but in the mean time just picture natuaral with tiny white butterflies and little white dots - oh so cute!

Avoiding wedding plans - I was meant to start Lisa's outfit last week end - but had work to do.

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