Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I hate wedding dresses

I like to sew, I like to sew my own clothes, I like to sew doll's clothes, I like to sew other people's clothes. But why oh why did I decide to make my own wedding dress?

I have stuffed up two goes so far, even though I have adapted the pattern and redrawn it to remove bagginess above my boobs, and around my waist and neckline. This were looking pretty cruisy until I cut up fabric. At this point the front of the dress looks great, the back now needs work.

However much this is like hell though, I much prefer this then the wedding dress shops in Townsville. I have been to the two on Chaterstowers Rd and have found one: "Rude Bitches" and the other "Unwilling to help".

Not only that - do they not think fat people get married? Are fat people destined to live short (due to heart attacks) lonely (Expect for a cat) lives? One store had only 2 size 20 dresses - one of which was way too big and the other was way too small (almost a size 16!). The sales women couldn't seem bothered about the fact that the dresses looked terrible on me, or even suggest a size 18.

It is really annoying that my body is so funny shaped with a size 20 odd bust and the 16 waist - nothing is ever going to fit...

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