Sunday, April 06, 2008

Decisions about zippers

This morning I broke Mazin's glasses - twice - Doh! Oh well, at least I got a few photos of him in them - I'll look out for a new pair though.

We had August's birthday party today so we went to that - yay - I wish I was 8 again!!!

We moved the linen cupboard from my workroom to downstairs, and put in my desk in its place. So now I can finally set up my overlocker and second sewing machine!!! The 2nd sewing machine is usually set up with a double needle or a zipper foot depending on what I am doing.

So now it's time to make some doll clothes - serious business now. But I was getting worried about buying doll sized zippers.

I compared a normal dress zipper to the pair that were in the Soul Doll jeans and really there isn't much size difference except that the zipper pull is longer on a normal zipper.

Honestly - why buy a doll 4" zipper for $1.20 US when I can buy a 12cm zip for $0.99 Aus from Spotlight?

I would think that doll zippers would have to be much smaller though. Is it just Soul Doll being cheap like me? I don't know, I only have one pair of official jeans :P but the zipper in them feels more flimsy anyway.

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