Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm addicted to fonts - 10 step program coming up!

I collect fonts – I can’t help it – I just love them. I have a huge folder called “Pammy’s Fonts” that I have lugged around from computer to computer since 1999!

So anyway, I usually only get free ones but, whenever I see a font that is so wonderful that I must purchase it – I do.

I bought two fonts from flat it today - they are pretty cool fonts – I won’t tell you which ones they were though ;-)

Also this page is awesome because it has so many links to Japanese fonts – or fonts that are made in Japan – that you wouldn’t normally find!

Anyway – I finally set up an Etsy store called spare clothes. It’s where I’ll sell the spare clothing that I make, hence the name of my shop Spare Clothes. But I need to take some photos of the clothes,,, right after I eat my cup of noodles.

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