Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So,,, not much done today

I did put up a lot of books on Ebay and I did a lot of school work.

No sewing - :(

However I got my Momoko dolls:

Good Night Cherry on the left and School Mix on the right.
lost their heads

School mix doesn't actually have a body lol!

much better

I had to pull the neck joint out of Cherry's head and put her all together again. Unfortunately - when you pop off a Momoko's head her neck will get little cracks in it. I heated up a needle and melted the worst of the cracks together and then sanded the plastic with a nail file until it looked good!

A Good Night Cherry costs about $70 US when clothed (She normally wears a nighty). Cherry did come with some clothes and I paid $52. Plus I got School Mix's which if whole would cost $90 - it's too bad she didn't have a body and that she doesn't have her original hair though :( Oh well - I don't mind a fixing her up!!!

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