Saturday, October 19, 2013

Aussie Curves - Pink

I thought this week would be easy for me but apparently I don't have as much pink in my wardrobe as I thought.  Plus I wasn't really feeling it this week.

Come Friday and I realised I still hadn't worn any pink so I went all out extra special to make it up to myself.  I wore a dress.

Dress - Autograph
Shoes - Ko
Belt - ?

Although I like these sandals they are pink and brown which reminds me of Turkish Delight too much.  But I went with it and even put on a brown belt.

So many people at work complimented me on my dress - even men.  My friend Sunny was so exited (easily excitable) that my whole outfit matched.  Apparently when I was talking up on parade to the kids, she noticed and told everyone around her.  I'm going to miss her when she transfers :( the life of a teacher.

Do you have Secret Santas at your work?  At the moment we are doing Secret Trick or Treaters. I get little yummy presents left on my desk - usually with a  joke or two. I have no idea who it is yet... Someone with access to the colour printer...