Friday, October 04, 2013

Legs - I've got them

And I know how to use them,,, to walk to school.

I crack myself up.

I have a workout schedule. Do you want to see it?

Monday - Arms
Tuesday - Voice (choir practice)
Wednesday - Legs
Thursday - Core
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - A DVD of something, Walk Away the Pounds, or Jillian Micheals etc.
Sunday - As per Sunday or Nothing

It's pretty rough really and although I like to stick with it I often don't. During the week the workouts are small - usually 10-15 minute ones from YouTube or my own. After a while I really get sick of listening to the instructor and I try to drown them out with music, but last year I started thinking that it would be pretty easy to put together my own videos and that way I can pick and choose what I like. 

I like low impact (knees and boob issues) and usually standing.

Would you like to see one? They aren't anything fantastic - just timed images telling you what to do, with a bell going off when you need to change.  If you use it - just remember that this for my own personal use and I take no responsibility for any injuries that you may incur. Also - please don't re-post it.

I leave the end image as 'Stretches' so that I can cool down and stretch for however long I want and stretch what I want. I like a good stretch :)

Presenting: Pammy's LEGS Mix

This is the one that I did this morning - holidays really stuff up my schedule. It's nice and easy and beat of the song is what sets the pace.

At the moment I'm listening to this playlist:

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