Friday, April 25, 2014

Me Made May?

I only realised this week that it was already getting to the end of April!  That means that next month will be May...  which means Me Made May? Click on the logo for more info.


How did it come to this? I don't think I've sewn anything since the Christmas holidays.

So between my kill-me-now bouts of flu like symptoms this week I have been dreaming up my ulitmate must have before May.

Black leggings - I currently have two pairs... both with holes in them.  I'm going to cut off the legs and use them as bike shorts under skirts.  Then I will make two new pairs of leggings.

Grainline Scouts - I have a few fabrics picked out for this pattern, I am pretty sure the pattern adjustments I made are good to go. 

Tunic/t-shirt dress - I made one using black and white stripe and I love it.  I think I need one more at least.

I can't see myself wearing nice dresses or skirts to work for a while, as we have a student that needs a little extra work.

Anyway, I am tossing up what to do about Me Made May - it was my resolution to actually have a go this year, but I'm so worried that I don't have enough clothes for the big shebang of wearing something I have made every day.

So my sewn inventory that is 'okay to wear in public' at the moment stands at:

t-shirts x lots of
t-shirt dress x 1
leggings x 1
lounge pants x 1

dress x 1
caradigan x 1
shrug x 1
grainline top x 1
skirt x 2

I have a few more days to decide what to do...

'I, Pammy from, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear ?  for the duration of May 2014'

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