Monday, April 07, 2014

Week 13

We'll it is finally school holidays. Although it hasn't been a bad term it has been busy.  I don't feel as though I got what I wanted done.

Tomorrow we are off to Melbourne!  I have been researching shops I would like to go to and booking things so that my planner looks pretty full.

This week was full aswell but not with fun exciting things - more like meetings with big wigs and parents.  I also organised a circus reward afternoon which most of the kids enjoyed.

I went with whales - partly to celebrate the news about the win for the whaling case against Japan.  I would love to visit Japan, like learning (very slowly) the language, and their culture but I don't like their whaling.  Am I allowed to pick and choose like that?  Too bad.

I also went with this theme because I really wanted to use some of my Kikki K stationary.

Whale and sea based stickers and post its - Kikki K
Spotted washi tape - muimuichow on etsy
Heart stickers - harvard5f on etsy

I use the heart stickers to highlight exercise.

We went to a dinner on Saturday which celebrated the song 'Waltzing Matilda' which was written by Banjo Patterson pn a station property near Winton.

C requested I wear the t-Rex necklace.  Look at my eye bags - so tired - haha!

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