Sunday, October 26, 2014

Aussie Curves - Then and Now

My very first Aussie Curves was 'pastel' back in November 2012.  My style really hasn't changed much - I still don't wear a lot of pastels and I still really like that outfit. I wonder where that dress is?

What has changed?

Recently I decided that I would stop wishing for purple hair and using boxed plummy colours, that I would bleach and actually use purple dye.  I love my hair now, I have chunky streaks at moment.

More photos. 

What I look like in photographs doesn't match up to what I see in the mirror or how I see myself. Someone suggested that it may be a form of body dysmorphia and I have to agree.  I hated all photos of me.

Part of my own personal challenge was that I would only take between 5-10 photos and share the ones I liked the most.  If I ended up with 10 really bad photos I still had to share.  

I'm never going to get the perfect photo of me, but doing this has really helped me be okay with the way I look in photos. 

Does that make any sense to anyone else but me?

Look at that double chin - thanks Dad for that gene. Can't hide it, may as well photograph it.

See my hair all mermaidy and such?  

Nice looking ground there.

These are new sandals - they gave me a small blister :(

Sandals - I got them The Iconic
Jeans - Crossroads
Shirt - Target
Necklace - City Chic I think - I got it for a buck or so because it was broken
Sunnies - RayBan prescription
Fashion rings - Najo and Ikecho

My current thoughts about my style.

My boss told me recently that he wished he could ban jeans and make us all wear corporate clothing.  Sorry, but just because you wear 'professional' looking clothes doesn't mean you will act professionally. 

Someone once told me, I forget who so maybe I read it, that if you want students to pay attention to you, you have to be the most interesting thing in the room.  I took that to heart, so not only do I grab their attention with my teaching, but also my wardrobe.  Even if I go with a subdued look like above, the small details always capture their attention. Accessories, always the accessories.

That's not to say that my style is dictated by what I think my students like. It just gives me permission to buy the things I like, in colours I like, always the colours, even if sometimes others don't think it's flattering, or professional, as long as I am comfortable, and covering all the bits they need to, and I can get my job done, then I'll wear it.


  1. I think your boss is hilarious, especially in an education environment - jeans are the bomb! I agree about having things to make your students notice you, I do that too. ;)
    I also think your idea about forcing yourself to upload photos of yourself, even if you think they aren't perfect is a really good way to get used to images of yourself. Loving the necklace too. x

    1. He thinks he is as well, oh well :D I'm glad someone else thinks like that about teaching, my kids love it. Thank you for the comment!

    2. I've your idea. I have the same issue with photos and I usually have all of them. I have improved and like you, Post some anyway.
      My boss wants us to wear corporate and is trying to enforce it with limited success.. I take great pride in being office professional and yet quirky. At least the most colourful in the room.. Lol.