Friday, October 03, 2014

Hair - part 4

I have purple hair.  And I don't mean burgundy, I mean real purple!!!

I was so scared going into the hairdressers to get it done.  I had my hair bleached and then had the colour on top.  The bleaching part was what I was worred about and decided I couldn't do it by myself because I figured I would stuff it up and fry my hair.

I was surprised how well my hair took it - so was the hairdressers.  I say hairdressers because for most of the morning I had two people, the main lady and possibly an apprentice.

Then on went the colour.  The ends had a darker dye on it after this first coat, my ombré made it 'wishy washy' as the hairdresser said.

So I went from this:

To this:

Holy crapola!

I love how it looks straightened!   

But this is how it looks when I let it dry naturally.

The colour changes all the time according to the light - sometimes it looks fluro.

The colour is Manic Panic Violet Night just incase you were wondering.

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