Friday, October 03, 2014

OPI GelColor - Can't Find My Czechbook

After using Gelicious for ages and being happy with them I hadn't really thought of using any other brand.  BUT. There was a sale in Catch of Day or someplace similar and I thought I might give it ago, as OPI is one of my favourite normal polishes.

I gathered my supplies - I had to buy rubbing alcohol for this system - and off I went.  I actually liked using the rubbing alcohol for clean up and makes me want to try it on Gelicious as well.

The colour is great - turns out I had matching shoes!

So far there hasn't been a single chip or peel and it has been seven days.  There has been wear on the tips which I usually get.  However...

The clear has absorbed my hair dye around the edges.  It's strange.

Overall though I'm really liking this but we'll see how it shapes up when I take it off.

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