Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pee tales

It has taken forever for this to load... I was going to tell you that I was busting for a pee but I couldn't go because an ex-pupil of mine was working near my toilet... but I really needed to go and I was sick of waiting, so I went.

When I went downstairs - he wasn't around - the coast was clear. I made it to the toilet and made moves to relieve myself when he dropped a piece of wood or something just out of the window and gave me a heart attack.

It's so hard trying to pee when you know someone is just right there!!!

I dealt with an amusing situation today. One of my students had poop on the brain. We were working with paint colour chips and he found a really awful brown/green chip. The class agreed - yes it was baby poop coloured - he then proceeded to tease the girl sitting beside him by touching her with the chip and saying 'I pooped on your arm' etc...

After a while we had had enough of it, it stopped being funny and he ignored my directions to stop it. So I found a yellow one and walked towards him with a huge grin on my face - his eyes widened and the whole class started laughing - 'Stop it, or I will pee on you.'

That cracked up the whole class but it was okay because we were having fun doing a fun project - planning a mural. I hope the parents don't take it out of context though - can you imagine the up roar it I had really threatened to pee on him!!!

It frustrates me because if I didn't use humour (or sarcasm) then the only option I would have had with that boy was to send him outside or to the Principal. Sending him outside allows him to distract other classes and doesn't teach him anything because missing out on class is usually a good thing. Sending him to the Principal really doesn't do much either except he also gets to sit on a comfy chair, get chatted to and then sent back to class.

I talk about school far too much.

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