Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what's up

I'm eating chocolate - a big chocolate bunny to be exact. Today was just extra long and I'm tired - might go an have a nap if the chocolate doesn't kick in soon.

About a week ago, I broke down and bought myself some cute stuff, although some of it is for birthday presents. However I got myself an Bandai Unazukin - she nods her head to answer questions. And I also got two (an original type and a xmas one) Tomy hidamari no tami. They are solar powered head nodding things. So super kawaii things coming my way, ne?

Anyway, I got excited because there was a "You have a parcel" card in the PO Box today - but they had just put it into the wrong box :(

Also - he's a good looker isn't he? Definetly into realistic dolls.

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