Thursday, March 13, 2008

WTF - how to use gigeshare and yastorage

OK - I have been waiting for ages to get this episode downloaded by bittorrent, finally found a website called - which has it.

But I'm so frustrated and I have only just worked out how to download from the place they use -

You go to the URL, and wait until the word 'continue' or something shows up- which you click on.

You then click on the big blue arrow.

Which then takes you to - where you click the word 'Request' to the the left of the screen.

Then you find the words 'Downloading File' - in which one letter has a link to the actual file.

Oh my god!!! What is this? Some kind of secret club? I feel like Indiana Jones and the Website of Crap.

EDIT: I have it! and it seems to work with the sub file I have - Yeah FINALLY! Gapyoo!

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