Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Mum got her mother's day present yesterday - she liked it so that's good. It was a solar powered cat that moves its paw - just like in the Asian grocery stores - but far cuter.

And yesterday I got presents for myself - Deathnote Goodsmile dolls. I'll take some photos on the weekend but they are pretty cool - basically they are dolls that you swap their head or bodies,,, maybe that doesn't sound too cool - but trust me they are! I love L.

On the weekend, after I took photos of the debutants, I put in an order for my tanned miho head. So Bi is finally going to get a sister, well her head anyway.

Sometime this week I have to pay off the Pullips as well. Which will make me over budget - but I earned a little bit with the prac teacher being here.

So - still working on show entries. Must go and look at photos tonight.

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