Friday, June 13, 2008


It's Friday - the computers are work are all okay! Yay! My tanned head should get to me by Monday so that will be something to look forward to, and then I have to go to Longreach on Tuesday.

We had a house inspection today - don't really know how it went though and when I came home I noticed a few odd things:
- a brick in our front yard had been moved
- power cords in our carport
- a box in front of the stairs
- a bottle of coke beside my computer
- the DVD player taken off the top of my TV

See - I am the Midsummer Murder's Detective, Charles! :P

So I called C up to find out what had happened - but it's okay they needed my TV to check a new satellite TV system for work.


Chihiro and Bi say HI!

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