Saturday, June 28, 2008

Updated want lists

So yesterday was the last day of school. It ended with me being told I will be teaching Japanese next term - on top of everything else. We headed over the pub and had a few drinks, C and I ate dinner there and ended up at Lianna and Mitch's house to play Buzz.

Today I was in holiday mode. Chihiro woke me up for breakfast, so I gave her food and them ate some peanut butter on toast. Then read DOA for little bit before going back to sleep until 11:00.

My tooth hurt a lot so I took some pills and put on some clove oil. We ordered from Helene's and ate lunch while we watched 'Firefly' - I then proceeded to vomit up my lunch because a bit had gotten stuck on the back of my throat. Such a waste of good food!!!

Charles went back to bed after that - so I really should get him up - at least to buy me more cat food.

ABJD list:
* Tanned female body for Monsoon
* Vampire head of Migidoll miho
* Any head from Immortality of Soul *drool drool drool* but I can't afford $250!

But I would also like:
* Curo bunny!
* Peakswood girls - a set of three - any three - maybe one of each eye type

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