Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 2

What's Motivating Me This Week?
Trying to feel better

What's Puzzling Me This Week?
Will I be able to exercise while I’m on holidays? Trying to pre-plan my exercise plan.

What's Bugging Me This Week
How hard it is to find plus sized exercise clothing. 

Do they make the assumption that just because you’re big you mustn’t work out? Maybe it’s that sports brands just don’t want their clothes on bigger people as they want to be aligned with fit and trim rather than slow and fat?

Luckily I can sew. I’ve made a pair of knee length leggings - ah-hem - yoga pants.

What's Encouraging Me This Week? 
The fact I’ve lost 3cm on my waist, and 1cm each off my hips and thighs. I know that it’s only the start and I usually loose pretty quickly,,, as first,,, but I’m still excited.

What's the Plan?
Pick up the pace on weekends with two things to do. And an intro to pilates – gotta say I’m a little scared.

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