Saturday, December 03, 2011

No Diet Talk

I think that there are a few types of fat people, these are not limited to the following;
  • People who have fat and are proud to be called 'fat'
  • People who have fat and lose their fat to be healthier
  • People who have fat and lose their fat to fit in with the mainstream - whatever that may be 
  • People who have fat and try to lose weight using fad diets rather than just a healthier diet
  • People who have fat and hate being 'fat' and do nothing about it
I've been all of these before and the others I no doubt left out.

So where am I now?

I think I'm at 'People who have fat and lose their fat to be healthier'.  You won't find me going on some crazy diet that I've seen in a book or on TV. I'm just trying to follow the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. I'm trying to increase my physical activity. I'm trying to reduce my thighs so that I don't suffer chaffing.

Sure, if I lose weight and I end up looking better as well, that's a bonus. But if I don't become a six pack lean machine and keep my woobly bits I will still be proud of my body and the journey it has taken.

Definatalie posted this last month, and I loved the idea of the badge she created. So although this is a weight loss get fit blog, I'm putting it out there that this blog has no diet talk. I will talk about healthy eating because despite what I look like I did study this at Uni and teach it at school - but no FAD diets.

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