Sunday, September 15, 2013

Aussie Curves - $50 outfit

I wasn't going to enter this week - not because all my outfits are soooo expensive but I actually have a tough time with numbers and so I often don't know how much costs.  There are a few things I remember simply because it was so cheap but other then that, nada.

Anyway I am having a sewing weekend.  I got the majority of a dress made for a member of our teacher choir - 3 more to go.

I then really wanted to finish off my spotted skirt that I had started ages ago.

I bought the fabric from eBay. It's a cotton sateen. I don't know how much I paid for it. Maybe $20 for 2 metres plus postage?  I have plenty of it left for a sleeveless top or something.

It's interlined with cotton-silk and it's so smooth and nice and cool.  Real posh.  It cost about $10 a metre, maybe more. 

I got the zipper for free with some other fabric I bought. The thread I already had, but I did have to buy bias binding.  I use bias binding for my waist facing and to hem.

The T-shirt is another thing that I made - I think the fabric was $7 for the meter. I just happened to be wearing it today, I wasn't planning on pairing spot and stripes.

The back seam is almost invisible. Planned that out real good. Side seams don't match up as well though - nigh on impossible.

It has a back vent so that I can walk.

 I love this skirt. 

Quick, must get into the shot before it takes a phot...

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